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Berta's Bills

Additional legislation and information can be viewed on the State of Alaska Legislature's website.

Representative Gardner speaking about HB 15, banning minors using their cell phones while driving

Representative Gardner speaking about HB 15, banning minors using their cell phones while driving

Minority Caucus at work

Minority Caucus at work

Berta Gardner is an active legislator. As a Member of several committees and subcommittees, she has had the opportunity to serve District 24 and Alaska in a very direct way. A sampling of the legislation she sponsors or cosponsors includes:

(each bill will open as a pdf)


House Bill 53 - Grants to Children of Inmates

HB 128- "An Act relating to prohibiting the use of cellular telephones by minors when driving a motor vehicle; and providing for an effective date."

House Bill 263 Production Tax Credit; Disclosures

House Bill 268
How Many Alaskans Hired with the States Investments?

House Bill 305
"Property Tax Fairness Act"

HB0021C "An Act relating to the membership of the Statewide Suicide Prevention Council."

HB0033B "An Act relating to the procedures and jurisdiction of the Department of Health and Social Services for the care of children who are in state custody; relating to court jurisdiction and findings pertaining to children who are in state custody; and modifying the licensing requirements for foster care."

HB0053A "An Act relating to a program of grants to minor children of incarcerated individuals; and providing for an effective date."

HB0061A "An Act relating to a registry for advance health care directives."

HB0082A "An Act authorizing a rebate of the production tax on oil and gas based on the employment of resident workers; relating to employee records required to be kept by an employer that provides labor the cost of which is a lease expenditure for purposes of the production tax on oil and gas; and providing for an effective date."

HB0095A "An Act making failure by certain persons to wear a safety belt when operating certain motor vehicles a secondary violation."

HB0128A "An Act relating to prohibiting the use of cellular telephones by minors when driving motor vehicles; and providing for an effective date."

HB0220A "An Act relating to the shared use of oil and gas facilities."

HB0233A "An Act relating to biometric information."

HJR007A "Proposing amendments to the Constitution of the State of Alaska relating to the budget reserve fund, and to appropriations to and transfers from the fund; and dedicating a portion of the petroleum production tax to the fund."

HB0006D "An Act authorizing the governor to remove or suspend a member of the Board of Regents of the University of Alaska for good cause; and establishing a procedure for the removal or suspension of a regent."

HB0016Z"An Act Extending the senior benefits payment program; and relating to income allowances for medical assistance recipients and Alaska Pioneers' Homes and Alaska Veterans' Homes residents."


HB 244 "An Act providing that fo-profit corporations and limited liability companies organized in this state are not persons for purposes of influencing the outcomes of public office elections, initiatives, referendums, or recalls."

HB 272 "An Act providing for a reduction in interest on postsecondary education loans for residents."

HB0065A"An Act making regional Native housing authorities eligible to receive grants through the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation from the senior citizens housing development fund."

HB0067B"An Act relating to film production tax credits; and providing for an effective date by amending the effective dates of secs. 3 and 4, ch. 63, SLA 2008."

HB0081B"An Act relating to motor vehicle dealer charges for fees and costs; and relating to the financing of motor vehicle purchases."

HB0085A"An Act requiring the Department of Environmental Conservation to collect and make available to the public certain information relating to water pollution; prohibiting certain mixing zones in freshwater spawning waters; and requiring a public comment period for certain sewage system or treatment works modifications."

HB0138A"An Act relating to regulation of certain oil and gas facilities by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska."

HB0144B"An Act requiring the Department of Natural Resources annually to deliver to the legislature and the governor a report on fishing stream access."

HB0166C "An Act relating to performance reviews and audits of executive and legislative branch agencies, the University of Alaska, and the Alaska Court System; and providing for an effective date."

HB0179A "An Act relating to cruelty to animals and making failure to care for five or more animals in a single continuous episode a class C felony."

HB0194A "An Act making a special appropriation to the Alaska permanent fund; making an appropriation under art. IX, sec. 17(c), Constitution of the State of Alaska, from the constitutional budget reserve fund; and providing for an effective date."

HCR003Z Relating to promoting the safety and protection of older Alaskans.

HCR006Z Proclaiming the month of April 2011 to be Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

HCR008Z Urging the Transportation Security Administration to reconsider its use of pat-down search procedures adopted on October 28, 2010, and to conduct pat-down searches using less invasive but equally effective procedures; and urging the United States Congress to exercise greater oversight of the Transportation Security Administration.

HJR009Z Urging the United States Congress to pass legislation to open the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas exploration, development, and production; relating to oil and gas exploration, development, production, and royalties; and relating to renewable and alternative energy technologies.

HJR011Z Urging the United States Congress to refrain from passing legislation that designates land in Area 1002 of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as wilderness.

HJR015Z Relating to collaboration with the Yukon and the Northwest Territories through the Pacific NorthWest Economic Region and its Arctic Caucus to address common issues.

HJR021A Urging the Secretary of the United States Department of the Interior to withdraw a secretarial order that creates a wild land classification and to administer federal lands in the state in accordance with existing statutes and agency guidelines; and urging the United States Congress to prohibit the use of appropriated funds by the United States Department of the Interior and the Bureau of Land Management to implement, administer, or enforce the secretarial order.

HJR027Z Supporting the relocation of the home port of the Coastal Villages Region Fund fishing fleet from Seattle to Alaska.

HR0005Z Urging the United States Congress to fund fully the essential air service program.

HR0006Z Urging the North Pacific Fishery Management Council to amend the groundfish fisheries management plan for the Gulf of Alaska to allow for an annually adjusted cap of prohibited species catch based on an abundance of bycatch species, and expeditiously to implement a Chinook bycatch cap to limit the number of Chinook salmon harvested as bycatch in the Gulf of Alaska.

SB0033Z Relating to the disposition of remains of a member of the armed forces if the member dies while in a duty status.

SB0094A "An Act adding a second verse to the official Alaska state song."

Previous Session's Legislation

House Bill 14 "An Act designating the Alaskan malamute as the Alaska State Dog"

House Bill 274: "An Act establishing August 7 as Purple Heart Day."

Purple Heart Day is established on August 7 of each year to honor recipients of the Purple Heart. The day may be observed by suitable observances and exercises by civic groups and the public.

House Bill 10: "Legislative Disclosures / Outside Income"

"An Act prohibiting legislators and certain former legislators from accepting or agreeing to accept compensation for certain work; relating to disclosures under the Legislative Ethics Act; and providing for an effective date."

House Bill 169: "Municipal Impoundment & Forfeiture

House Bill 169 is a simple bill that grants the Municipalities of the State access to an additional tool for making their city streets safer.

House Bill 283: Purple Heart Trail

The Purple Heart medal is a United States military decoration, awarded in the name of the President to those who have been wounded or killed while in service to their country. HB 283 seeks to recognize and honor award recipients by establishing a Purple Heart Trail in Alaska.

House Bill 387: Distribution of Telephone Books

"An Act limiting the number of published telephone directories that may be distributed to a household."

House Joint Resolution 13: Exporting Cook Inlet Gas

"Urging the attorney general, the producers of natural gas in the Cook Inlet region, and the Regulatory Commission of Alaska to work to secure long-term and affordable supplies of natural gas for the people and businesses of the state."

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